Window UV Control

Window UV Control

UV Protection with Dermagard film

There are millions of people who suffer from sensitivity to UV light, and for some expose can be life-threatening. Nervous system, eyes and skin can be affected. It is often genetic meaning children can also suffer. For some sufferers, it is a life in darkness, with drawn curtains and only going out in an evening. But, with Dermagard film, we can make life more enjoyable and brighter.

This is a specially developed clear ultra-violet filtering film that cuts out harmful UV, whilst allowing visible light to pass through, meaning it works for everyone. This way the sufferer is protected, but can also enjoy sunlight pouring in through the windows. It has a scratch-resistant coating ensuring it’s easy to clean and requires no maintenance.
This is perfect for playgroups, schools, dermatology clinics – wherever there is glass. It can even be applied to your car or school bus.

Our window films can help you become more energy efficient

All our solar control films can help your building become more energy efficient.

By reducing the amount of heat being transmitted through your glazing, the internal temperature will be reduced, which means your air conditioning systems require less energy, as they don’t need to work as hard to maintain as comfortable room temperature. By saving energy, you reduce your energy bills and therefore save money, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

By carrying out a comprehensive analysis of your building and its glazing system, we are able to forecast energy saving that will be attained by applying window film, in some cases this can be up to 20%, allowing us to illustrate a payback period for our films, and continued savings even after this time.

In recent years, many manufacturers have developed new film using nano technology. These films have excellent solar energy rejection performance but are much lighter in appearance that regular solar control films. This means they can be applied without greatly altering the building appearance.

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